Money Market

Business Money Market Accounts

A money market account can be a great way to help your business’s finances grow. At Staunch Investment, our Money Market account for businesses allows you the flexibility to write checks or make cash withdrawals when you need to, with minimal fees for deposits.

Interest earned from a Staunch Investment money market account accrues daily and is paid monthly at the end of each statement cycle.

What is a Money Market Account?

A money market account acts primarily as a savings account but offers some checking features. It can allow you to accrue interest on your money while also having convenient access to it in an emergency or if you don’t plan on conducting a lot of transactions in a given month.

Business Money Market Account Benefits

With our money market account for businesses, you can make cash withdrawals up to six times per month and perform the same number of third party debits (including checks). After the first six checks all checks written are assessed a €10.00 fee per check. The first 10 deposited items are free for each statement cycle. Any deposits after that are charged a $0.10 fee per item. If your account stays above €900, the $10.00 service charge is waived.

Open Your Business Money Market Account Today

If you’re seeking an account that offers you some spending and savings flexibility, a Business Money Market account from Staunch Investment may be a great option to meet your business’s needs. To learn more about a Business Money Market account, contact your local banking center today.