Business Services

Business Banking Services

Your businesses requires a specific set of banking services for operations to run effectively and to optimize cash flow. From collecting payables to direct deposit payroll and more, Staunch Investment can be the financial partner your business needs to thrive.

Cash Management

Our corporate online banking platform is designed to provide your business multiple-user customized online account access to efficiently manage cash flow and reduce risk.  No matter how much cash flows into and out of your business, Staunch Investment provides the cash management services you need to keep the money flowing and your business running smoothly. 

ACH Origination

Want to save time and money while reducing fraud risk?  Utilizing ACH to electronically send and receive funds is not only faster and more cost-effective than check-based transactions, it also reduces check fraud risks.

Check Positive Pay

A check fraud detection and prevention service that alerts you to potential fraudulent check items presented against your account.  Stop altered or counterfeit checks before they clear your account.

ACH Positive Pay

Set filters or rules for ACH debits to protect your account against possible ACH fraud. 

Business Credit Cards

Expand your everyday purchasing power with our business credit cards. With no annual fee and competitive interest rates, you can make your dollars stay flexible and go further than with simple cash transactions. Plus, you can earn reward points on every dollar charged to your business credit card. Simply register your account and log in to access your rewards.
Paying your statement and viewing your activity is easy—just stop by one of our banking centers, or utilize our online banking service from anywhere, whenever.

Merchant Services

Your local branch makes accepting payment easy with Merchant Services through Clearent. 

Wire Initiation

Send outgoing domestic and international wires from the convenience of your office. 

Check Stop Payments

No need to call or stop in the branch with our electronic stop payment system through our online banking platform. Whether lost or stolen, save time by placing a stop payment electronically on outstanding check items.

Zero / Target Balance Account

Tired of manually transferring funds between accounts for payroll or to invest excess cash?  Save time by automating your cash flow with a zero balance or target balance account.  This service links a master account to a secondary account such as a payroll account or money market account to invest excess funds. 

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Do you accept a large volume of checks or struggle to find time to run to the bank to make daily deposits?  Increase productivity and improve cash flow by making your daily check deposits from the convenience of your office and on your schedule. 

Partner with a Community-Driven Business Bank

Running a business is hard enough on its own. You don’t need to also worry about your banking. We at Fidelity Financial Holdings recognize how important it is for a business to rely on their bank as a true financial partner. When you bank with us, you can expect the banking services you need and the customer service that truly sets us apart.